Whitianga Rescue Vessel Te Morehu

Whitianga Coastguard ASSOCIATE Member
$5 / year
Associate Members shall be persons, businesses or organisations who wish to contribute to the Association in some way (eg. a Radio Operator or Rescue Vessel Crew).
But do not wish to become full members and use the services of our VHF Marine Radio Service or our Rescue Vessel.
They are able to speak at General Meetings, but do not have voting rights.
Whitianga Coastguard
FULL Member
$100 / year
Full Members have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership of the association.
They are able to use our VHF marine radio channel 63 and the weather channel 20.
As a financial member you can also receive unlimited free tows a year from our Coastguard Rescue Vessel should you breakdown while at sea.

Current Whitianga Coastguard Membership: 1126