The Whitianga Coastguard is run and manned by a group of highly dedicated and skilled volunteers.

Our area of responsibility stretches from Cape Colville in the North to Boat Harbour in the South and can assist Tairua/Pauanui when required. We deliver a wealth of services to the boating public.

Our reason for being is simple “To Save Lives At Sea”, we provide Search and Rescue services 24/7 365 day and continue to develop initiatives that further enhance safety on the water, making the recreational boating experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Our goal is to save life and property at sea as well as foster maritime safety and provide information and educational services designed to maximise your safe enjoyment of the water.

We also provide VHF frequencies to log trip reports and we take preventative action by advising boaties of tidal information, any weather warnings, providing up-to-date condition reports for the Coromandel Peninsula and notification of any navigational hazards in the Harbour.

From a total membership of over 1100, we have over 20 active crew members forming 4 crews.

In the last statistical year the Whitianga Coastguard have taken 19,662 Radio calls and initiated 98 rescues resulting in 151 people being rescued.
This ranks Whitianga Coastguard as the fourth busiest coastguard unit in the Eastern Region. As a volunteer community service, we rely totally on discretionary funding, including community funding, corporate sponsorship, membership subscriptions and voluntary donations.

The Whitianga Coastguard kindly asks for your support and donations in assisting us with our services.
All donations are kindly accepted and can be made by using any of the contact details listed on this website.

Within this site you will find a variety of information about us including how we can help you and vice versa.
We rely on public support for our continued operation and welcome donations of time and expertise, as well as financial support.

If you would like to find out how you or your organisation might be able to help in any way, you can contact us.
We would be pleased to hear from you.

Please keep an eye on this website as we will continue to develop the services offered to the boating community in part by this website.

Remember, the Whitianga Coastguard members are all volunteers, support them at every opportunity – you never know when you may need them.

Whitianga Volunteer Coastguard - "Saving Lives at Sea"