How to make a Trip Report

If you have a VHF radio you should file a Trip Report (TR) with the Whitianga Coastguard, (Channel 63) letting us know where you are, where you are going, how many people are on board and when you expect to return. If you change plans keep in touch using the radio.

If you do not have a VHF Operators Certificate contact our Radio Operators for local course information – it is legally required if you plan on using a VHF Radio, you will also need a call sign.
Additionally you can quote your Whitianga Coastguard membership number, this will aid us greatly in easily locating critical information about you and your boat should the need arise.

How to log a Trip Report (TR):
Ship stations are encouraged to give a coastal stations details or their voyages in a Trip Report (TR), to facilitate possible search and rescue operations.

The TR comprises:
Using you VHF Radio to contact with the Whitianga Coastguard via VHF on Channel 63 

On departure:
The abbreviation ‘TR’
Name and callsign of the ship
Your Whitianga Coastguard Membership number
Port of departure
Port of destination and, if possible, estimated time of arrival (ETA)
Number of persons (POB)

Example: TR Ocean Blue/ZM1234 leaving Wellington – ETA Picton 1800 today, three POB

On arrival:

The abbreviation “TR”
Name and the call sign of the ship
Your Whitianga Coastguard Membership number
port and, if possible, estimated time of departure (ETD)

Example: TR Ocean Blue/ZM1234 arrived Picton – station closing – ETD 0900 Thursday

Additionally fishing boats are encouraged to report their positions to the nearest coastal stations;
on leaving port for the fishing grounds
On arrival at the fishing grounds
When proceeding from one area to another on the same voyage, or arrival in port.

Example: TR Ocean Blue/ZM1234 leaving Wellington for Mernoo Bank area. ETA 0600 on the 11th. Three POB

Every effort should be made to call notifying arrival at a safe anchorage or the end of a voyage.

However, unless a vessel is reported overdue, the absence of a closing TR will not initiate a search and or other follow-up action.

Don’t forget to cancel your trip report when you arrive safely!